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Ceeams Meeting, Balatonfüred

CEEAMS Meeting – Balatonfüred, Hungary

A meeting was set in 2007 in Papa to continue discussing the issues of CEEAMS. This meeting in Balatonfüred became possible because of the IAMS meeting that offered space and possibilities for participants from primarily Central and Eastern Europe to meet. 25 persons are present at that meeting, led by Peter Penner and Anne-Marie Kool (members […]


3rd Annual IAMS Conference – Paris, France

Programme First part : context 1.1. Historical [& geographical] aspects Thursday 24Th August 5.30 pm : Enlightenment, at the roots of present Europe in all its parts (East, West, North, South). Rather than a presentation of the historical period corresponding to the Enlightenment, it should point to the currents that emerged from it: Capitalism and […]