Membership of CEEAMS is open both to individual scholars and institutions involved in the study of mission and intercultural theology, on the basis of a commitment to the aims of the Association. A recommendation from two CEEAMS members is needed in order to have the application presented to the General Assembly of CEEAMS, that is charged to accept new members of the Association. If you do not know anyone who can sponsor you, then please contact Pavol Bargár, secretary of CEEAMS, at


Membership is open for those:

  • who have an earned doctorate or are in the process to earn their PhD/ThD, as well as reflective practitioners;
  • who, as mission practitioners deal with mission both theoretically and practically and are residents of the region of Central and Eastern Europe or have a research interest in the region.


Members are entitled to a complementary subscription to Acta Missiologiae, the journal published by CEEAMS, as well as to information about the activities of the Association.



  1. Regular individual member – 5250 HUF (15 EURO)
  2. Regular individual member – reduced CEE – 3500 HUF (10 EURO)
  3. Institutional member – 8750 HUF (25 EURO)

You can apply by filling out the individual application form below.