The aim of organizing study groups within the CEEAMS is to systematically map and address those issues and topics which need further research in the actual contexts to which CEEAMS members are related.

The Executive Committee (EC) agreed that study group coordinators, at this stage, should be members of the EC.

The following guidelines could be taken into consideration for organizing and maintaining a study-group:

  • define the exact theme of the study group and formulate its clear objectives
  • discover, find and invite people from Central and Eastern Europe and respectively from Central Asia who are engaged in studies related to the topic
  • identify a core group (by creating a small database)
  • the study group coordinator keeps the group active through regular contacts such as Skype conferences, sharing of information about relevant publications, upcoming conferences
  • continue networking
  • stimulating publication (e.g. inviting people to Writing Seminars, organizing workshops)

The CEEAMS study groups are using e-learning platform and ETS library recources. They connect to the study group tradition of the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS). These study groups are in the process of formulating their aims and goals, scope of study, and projected research projects.

If you are interested in one of the study groups, please send us an email to describing the study group you plan to be involved in or please fill in the following application form.

Biblical Studies and Mission
Gospel and Culture