Our History

CEEAMS is an international and interdenominational platform for reflection on missiological issues and practice.

Study Groups

Study groups are envisioned to be launched in the near future, using the ETS infrastructure, IT (Moodle) and library resources.

Doctoral Colloquium

CEEAMS as part of a consortium is supporting and organizing the Osijek Doctoral Colloquium (ODC).

Acta Missiologiae

Acta is an interdenominational, peer-reviewed, missiological journal focusing on Central and Eastern Europe.



Call for Papers – CEEAMS Annual Conference 19-22 February 2019

Spirituality Matters! Insights in the  Spiritual Dimension of Mission Theologies and Grassroots Missionary Practice in Central and Eastern Europe The Central and Eastern European  Association for

Save the date! See you next time!

The 2020 Annual CEEAMS Conference to be held between 18-21 February 2020 in Osijek, Croatia! The Call for conference and abstracts will follow soon.

ODC 2018: Five weeks of mission research for God`s Kingdom

Osijek Doctoral Colloquium 2018 was hosted from June 30 to August 4, and gathered 21 students from 12 countries gathered for 1 to 5 weeks to advance their PhD studies with academic support of 7 mentor

Conversations in Theological Education, Church and Mission in Balkan Contexts: Trends, Challenges and Needs

One of the greatest challenges in global theological education is to keep the conversation going between Churches and theological schools how institutions for theological education and pastoral form



Osijek Doctoral Colloquium 2019

A unique place for independent study in a fascinating international learning community Osijek Doctoral Colloquium (ODC) offers an opportunity for intensive, independent study for PhD students, away fr

IAMS EUROPE Conference August 23-27, 2019 – Sankt Augustin, Germany

Locating European Missions in a Wounded World in Deep Transformation Living and believing in an unstable and vulnerable world has become the prevailing experience and challenge for most societies worl