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In addition to presented papers at CEEAMS (Annual) conferences and  publications in CEEAMS related research projects, we call for the following articles.

One, we would like full length articles dealing with some area of current research, As a reminder, general topics could include some aspect of mission history in or from the region, missiological reflection on changes in life and ministry since the fall of Communism, development of missional church thinking in the region, issues related to theology of mission, ministry among minorities or immigrants, impact and implications of post-modernism in a post-Communist Europe, etc. Papers should be between 15 and 30 pages. If you have something shorter or longer than that, we can discuss the matter further.

A further kind of article could be a report of something that you have found to be particularly helpful in your teaching. Perhaps you’ve developed or discovered a particular methodology or technique that has made the teaching of missiology or missiological subjects more effective. A short article detailing your experience would be interesting.

Second, we are looking for book reviews of books you have found helpful (or challenging, or frustrating, or significant) in your life and ministry. If you have read something recently that you would like others to know about, please send me something. Or if you are willing to write a review, but don’t have anything in mind, please let me know and I’ll give you some suggestions. Probably we can get you a free book if you’ll write about it! We’re looking for 800 – 1000 words.

Third, we would like to give reports on research projects, either recently completed or in progress. One of our goals is to inform each other of the kinds of research going on in and about the region. Some of you are in the middle of research now. Perhaps you are not far enough along in your research to write a full article, but a page or two describing your research would be helpful. Others of you have recently finished doctoral work, and perhaps you’re so tired of it you never want to see it again! (this is totally normal). Nevertheless, a couple of page report would be great.

Fourth, if there are conferences, consultations, special courses, or other events that would be of interest to a wider audience, please send us that announcement. We want to provide a forum where we can hear from and about each other. Also if you’ve had a book or article published somewhere let us know of that as well.