The registration is open until April 7th, 2024.



The ODC Summer 2024 will take place July 1-26, 2024. We strongly recommend participants to stay for at least 2 weeks. Based on our experience, it is recommended that newcomers allocate a week solely for acquainting themselves with the program. To ensure optimal benefits, we encourage all participants to commit to a standard enrollment period of two weeks in the ODC program.



There will be several locations for ODC Summer 2024: Osijek, Almaty, and possibly others.

In addition to the main location in Osijek, Croatia a locations are planned in Almaty, Kazakhstan, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Odessa, Ukraine for ODC Summer 2024. Given the international context of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the separate locations for Russia and Ukraine will operate during different time slots: July 1-14 for St. Petersburg and July 15-26 for Odessa.

Potential doctoral students who can travel to one of these locations will attend in person, and be connected to the other locations digitally. For those unable to travel to any of these locations, there might also be an online option.


Program Leaders:

Peter Penner

Anne-Marie Kool

Doru Marcu

Teofil Stanciu


Program Coordinators:

Yuriy Skurydin – Almaty (yuridinabi@gmail.com)

Krisztina Olah – Osijek and other locations (krisztina.olah@ceeams.org)


Application fee:

There is a 50 EURO non-refundable application fee that should be paid right after the application is sent. The fact that you have applied does not automatically imply that we accept your application.  

You can choose from two options for your payment:

1. Paypal linked to email address: stichtingscims@gmail.com

2. Bank account of the Dutch Foundation:

Account in the Name of:
Stichting Ondersteuning Central and Eastern European Organizations for Mission Studies (SSCIMS)
Majoor Jacomettiweg 26
3911 BR Rhenen, The Netherlands
Bank name: Rabobank, Croeselaan 18, 3521 CB Utrecht, Netherlands
IBAN: NL26RABO0106371339

During the online payment process, please add into the comment field your name and “ODC Summer 2024”.

In case you have difficulties to pay online, please contact the Program Coordinators.


Program fee:

The ODC Summer 2024 program costs an additional 75 EURO/week for offline participants and 50 EURO/week for online participants. These program costs cover less than 10% of the costs for mentors, classrooms, accommodation in hostels, coffee breaks, and food. This reduced fee is only available for participants from Central and Eastern Europe and from Central Asia. Those from other parts of the world should contact the Program Coordinator, Krisztina Olah (email), for details about the program costs for them.

The program costs should be paid via Paypal or bank transfer before the program starts but not later than June 1st, 2024. Participants in Almaty, St. Petersburg, and Odessa are allowed to pay the program fee on site during the first week of the colloquium. Please contact the Program Coordinator (yuridinabi@gmail.com or krisztina.olah@ceeams.org) in case you want to use this opportunity.


Scholarships and reimbursement:

Only in exceptional cases, a 100% scholarship will be granted for the program fee.
Please contact the program coordinators, Yuriy for Almaty, Krisztina for the other locations.

Participants can apply for the reimbursement of travel costs. Details will be shared with the applicants who will be accepted for the program.


For background and general information about ODC click HERE.


Please fill in the following application form if you want to apply for the ODC Summer 2024 program. 

Only application forms that are fully completed, including Academic and Pastoral recommendations, will be considered. Please find the two recommendation forms below. First, download the forms. Second, ask your recommenders to fill in the form. Third, upload the forms to the Application Form or send the forms by email to the Program Coordinator (krisztina.olah@ceeams.org).

Please download the Academic Recommendation form HERE.

Please download the Pastoral Recommendation form HERE.

Applicants will receive feedback about the decision by May 1st, 2024.


Application Form: