Gratitude for Anne-Marie Kool

Anne-Marie’s withdrawal from her role in the CEEAMS Executive Committee requires the expression of gratitude for all her hard work in her role as vice-president and treasurer. She is the person at the birth of CEEAMS and her work and vision hallmarks CEEAMS from its beginning up till today and for many years to come. […]

Osijek Doctoral Colloquium Winter 2021

A unique place for independent study in a fascinating international learning community Osijek Doctoral Colloquium (ODC) offers an opportunity for intensive, independent study for PhD students, away from everyday worries, under the leadership of qualified mentors in the research library of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia. ODC has been set to provide theological […]

Job announcement

CEEAMS, the Central and European Association for Mission Studies, invites applications for the position of a General Secretary for 8 hours per week on a free-lance basis. The GS’s task is to help keep the Association running smoothly, taking care of administrative and organisational tasks under the responsibility of the Executive Committee. The number of members […]

Digital Resource Center on Mission Studies in Central and Eastern Europe

Finding resources to study what is going on in Church and Mission in Central and Eastern Europe is quite a challenge! CEEAMSprints is a database that has been created as a response to this need, expressed repeatedly in various programs of CEEAMS, at the Osijek Doctoral Colloquium, and in the CEEAMS Annual conferences. Two years […]