Digital Resource Center on Mission Studies in Central and Eastern Europe

Finding resources to study what is going on in Church and Mission in Central and Eastern Europe is quite a challenge! CEEAMSprints is a database that has been created as a response to this need, expressed repeatedly in various programs of CEEAMS, at the Osijek Doctoral Colloquium, and in the CEEAMS Annual conferences. Two years ago the idea was launched to collect relevant academic resources on mission and mission related topics across Christian traditions and countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The collection includes contextually relevant dissertations, master’s theses and journal articles that are not found in the standard databases. These materials are in various Central Eastern European languages as well as in English.

CEEAMSprints can be found at the Digital Resource Center section of the Osijek Institute for Mission Studies: Presently there are about 1500 entries. They provide bibliographic information and may include links to the full text of the article or dissertation. This allows mission scholars and practitioners to interact with relevant resources in the broadly defined field of mission studies related to the context of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), which for various reasons were out of reach for those interested in studying these topics.





Full texts of these materials will be uploaded for research and educational use as copyright permissions are received.

For more information, contact Katharina Penner at


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