Doctoral Colloquium 2022 Winter

The Osijek Doctoral Colloquium has been running for seven years now. It was established by the Osijek Center for Mission Studies (OSIMS) and the Central European Association for Mission Studies (CEEAMS) in partnership with other key institutions in the region. Together as a Consortium we aim to provide advanced theological education to doctoral students from Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia.

The ODC staff and mentors are committed to shaping the next generation of contextually aware students dedicated to God’s mission in the Church and the world. To that effect, efforts of two kinds are being made to make the ODC experience a year-long possibility. The winter installment took place in February in Osijek, Almaty and in St. Petersburg.

I wish to sincerely thank the organizers and sponsors of this colloquium. Indeed, it has been very enriching for my academic journey as an up-coming scholar. I pray for more opportunities and resources to keep the dream alive.” (Winter 2022 ODC participant)



A meeting of students and mentors from three continents took place in February. Both Almaty (9) and St. Petersburg (3) hosted participants. Six were able to benefit from our hybrid programme by attending online.

[The most] important [benefits] are meetings with mentors, as a result of which you get a deep assessment and invaluable advice, as well as presenting your topic. The advice given by Parush Parushev and Katarina Penner was invaluable. It encouraged me and guided” (Winter 2022 ODC participant in Almaty)

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