Conference Registration – CEEAMS Annual Conference 23-25 February 2021

Mission Matters: Trends, Challenges, and New Perspectives in Christian Mission in Central and Eastern Europe, is the theme for the upcoming Annual Conference of The Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies for theologians, missiologists, reflective practitioners and other professionals, to be held between 23-25 February 2021. Due to the COVID-19 situation this conference will be held online.

The 2021 CEEAMS annual conference invites theologians, missiologists, reflective practitioners, and other professionals to engage in conversations about the state of play of Christian mission within the rapidly changing socio-political and religious contexts in Central and Eastern Europe.

After a series of thematic conferences during the past years, this year´s conference seeks to provide missionaries, theologians, ministers, and mission studies scholars with the opportunity to reflect on the state of Christian mission by identifying trends, challenges, new perspectives, themes and topics which need attention for deepening work both at academic and grassroots levels.


We start on Tuesday morning 23rd February 2021, over three consecutive mornings (Feb 23-25th) to better address the realities of online conferencing.

For a detailed draft program see: CA 2021 Program (1st draft, 14012021)


Due to Covid-19, we will meet and fellowship together via Zoom. The whole conference will be an online event

Language of the conference: English.

Do not hesitate to direct any questions you may have to the conference coordinator, Taylor Denyer:

Registration fees:

(Non-Refundable) Registration fee: 35 euro.

Non-Refundable Registration fee for early birds: 25 euro (till 15th January 2021)

Payment through the CEEAMS PAYPAL donation option:

Do not forget to add the name of the participant for whom you are paying and the conference code: CA2021.Payment through CEEAMS IBAN Bank Account:

IBAN: HU87103000021065519249020013
Bank: MKB Bank Zrt.
Váci utca 38.
1056 Budapest


Registration deadline: Febr 15, 2021

Please register as soon as possible using the following form:

In the midst of various changes and transformations within churches and societies, lately also intensified by a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to ask broader questions and enlarge the focus of theological-missiological reflection:

  • What is going on with and under Christian mission in these times?
  • What trends, challenges, and new perspectives do you observe in your country, your denomination, your mission organisation?
  • What kind of mission visions, programs, and practices are there?
  • Who is sending whom and where and why?
  • What are the theological foundations of mission praxis?
  • How do ecclesiology and missiology relate? What kind of understandings of mission are there in churches, mission organisations and other Christian organisations?
  • How is mission located in the curriculum of our theological schools, and what kind of theologies and non-theological perspectives influence missionary training?
  • What is the state of ecumenical engagement when it comes to mission praxis?
  • How is partnership and cooperation being expressed in ecumenical engagement?
  • What are those societal and cultural issues which need ongoing and fresh theological-missiological attention (e.g. ideologies, polarization, secularization, conflicts, work, migration, minorities, economies)?
  • What is the state of the missiological vocabulary: what kind of images and concepts define the language through which Christians talk about God?
  • What do people say and believe about Jesus and the Holy Spirit?
  • How do those languages translate into projects and programs within the wider society?
  • How could CEE as context (region) be described, analysed, and evaluated from a missiological point of view?
  • What are inspiring models of best practices?
  • How does mission in CEE relate and connect to other parts of the world?
  • Quo vadis missio in Central and Eastern Europe?

The conference aims at:

  • mapping trends, challenges, and new perspectives on mission from different regional, denominational, and cultural contexts,
  • generating and deepening theological conversation on mission in CEE
  • inviting and encouraging participants to bring in themes, topics, ideas, and ideas from their own current research and by doing so generate a broader conversation on mission
  • mapping what is presently going on under the heading of Christian mission in CEE
  • deepening missiological reflection on Christian mission
  • strengthening the network of mission-minded professionals and reflective practitioners in CEE

To submit a paper proposal, please send an abstract of no more than 300 words to by 15th December 2020 with the subject heading: CA2021 / [your name].

Abstracts should provide a brief description of the work, clearly outlining the theoretical perspectives and methodology to be applied in the paper, as set out in the Guidelines for Abstracts.


Selected papers may be elected for publication in ACTA MISSIOLOGIAE, the journal of the Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies.

Conference presentations/papers should be restricted to 20 minutes of presentation time.


Participants, especially those whose abstract will be accepted, and who register for the whole conference, as well as students, may apply for partial coverage of the registration fee, upon the condition that they do not get a reimbursement through their institution.

Only in exceptional cases full scholarships for registration fees are available.

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