Acta Missiologiae Vol. 7/2019 Spirituality matters!

The newest Acta Missiologiae vol 7/2019 just came off the press!

Dorottya Nagy, Editor of ACTA and President of CEEAMS closes her Editorial with the words: “The articles gathered in this issue show that spirituality both as a research topic and as an academic practice is about transformative relationships at every level for each context in this world. The articles in this issue seek to further reflection on spirituality and mission and on spirituality and mission studies in Central and Eastern Europe. Spirituality is also about discernment, about courageously being a Christian, about having the courage to think and do in new ways. Spirituality matters!”

ACTA 7/2019 Table of Contents

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Acta Missiologiae is an interdenominational, peer-reviewed, missiological journal with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Intentionally interconfessional, it seeks to balance Orthodox, Roman Catholic, mainline Protestant, and Evangelical Charismatic perspectives. Acta Missiologiae seeks to address academic as well as practical issues. The journal assists missiologists and church leaders to keep current in their missiological thinking through articles, book reviews and can serve as a resource for those teaching missiology. Acta Missiologiae exists to provide a meeting place for reflection on missiological issues and mission practice in Central and Eastern Europe. Acta Missiologiae is published once a year by the Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies (CEEAMS).

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