Mission in Central and Eastern Europe. Realities, Perspectives, Trends.

Edited by Corneliu Constantineanu, Marcel V Macelaru, Anne-Marie Kool and Mihai Himcinschi.

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  • Published by Regnum (May 2017)
  • ISBN: 1-9113.7217-2
  • Hardback, 715 pages
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Central and Eastern Europe is one of the areas of the world that has undergone profound transformations during the 100 years delimited by the two Edinburgh gatherings that inspired the Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series. It is the place in which Marxist ideology gave birth to the Communist hegemony that has impacted the European arena for over 50 years. But this is also the place where Christian churches experienced God’s grace and provision, and even unexpected flourishing in some quarters. The present volume brings together significant contributions from over thirty theologians, missiologists and practitioners from this part of the world.

The articles explore the complex missiological thinking and praxis of Central and Eastern Europe, highlight concrete missiological endeavours and point to the challenges and opportunities for mission in this part of the world. It also provides relevant missiological documents that emerged in the area within the past 25 years and an elaborate bibliography.

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Rarely, if ever in history, have many millions of Christians experienced a more radical change from severe restrictions and persecution to a transformation toward liberty and altered mission opportunities in such a short time as the one that is the context of this remarkable book. Amazingly comprehensive and varied, it includes authors from nearly all confessional backgrounds and theological perspectives. Read some articles or read all—you will be rewarded by the deep insight into the past, present, and future of Christian mission in this turbulent part of Europe.

Paul Mojzes, Professor of Religious Studies, Chair of the Religious Studies and Humanities Department at Rosemont College, Pennsylvania, USA, Editor-in-chief of Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe, Co-editor of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies

This is a wonderfully comprehensive and informative book on a subject about which little has been written or is known. It provides a veritable encyclopaedia that will be a useful addition to any mission scholar’s library.

Prof. Dr. Allan H. Anderson, Professor of Mission and Pentecostal Studies, University of Birmingham, UK.

Among the burgeoning areas of research and investigation under the general rubric of “Studies in World Christianity” is the whole thematic area of the missional church in Central and Eastern Europe.  In the last decades, there has been a remarkable growth in rigorous study of the Christian movement in cultures so long profoundly shaped by the Russian Empire.  The dynamism and energy of emerging Christian witness in a great diversity of shapes and approaches calls for disciplined analysis and reflection. This volume of essays is an important and comprehensive expansion of the missional literature on this crucial part of the world church, both inviting and enabling critical and constructive interaction across cultural boundaries. 

Prof. Dr. Darrell J. Guder, Henry Winters Luce Professor of Missional & Ecumenical Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, Gospel and Our Culture Network, University of Hamburg, Germany

I sincerely hope, with the editors, that this volume will be used widely and productively as a textbook in theological education across Central and Eastern Europe (and further afield), so that it may stimulate ongoing reflection and action for the coming of the Reign of God. The contributors have rendered a sterling service to worldwide missiological literature by producing this book…May this volume inspire and empower us all to bring the humanising and liberating gospel of Jesus Christ into this broken world so deeply loved by God.

Prof. Dr. JNJ (Klippies) Kritzinger, Emeritus Professor of Missiology, University of South Africa, Pretoria

This Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series volume features contributions by

  • Aleksandar Apostolovski
  • Pavol Bargár
  • Dana Bates
  • Gelu Călina
  • Pavel Černý
  • Corneliu Constantineanu
  • Bogdan Dolenc
  • Ovidiu Dorin Druhora
  • Branimir Dukić
  • Jan Górski
  • Mihai Himcinschi
  • Eugen Jugaru
  • Zuzana Jurechová
  • Anne-Marie Kool
  • Ábrahám Kovács
  • JNJ (Klippies) Kritzinger
  • Zorica Kuburić
  • Peter Kuzmič
  • Jarosław M Lipniak
  • Ligia M. Măcelaru
  • Marcel V. Măcelaru
  • Dănuț Mănăstireanu
  • Vasile Marchi
  • Kostake Milkov
  • Julijana Mladenovska-Tešija
  • Dorottya Nagy
  • Parush R. Parushev
  • Peter F. Penner
  • Gheorghe Petraru
  • Bill Prevette
  • Gheorghe Rițișan
  • Anton Rus
  • Viktória Šoltésová
  • Wojciech Szczerba
  • Ciprian Flavius Terinte
  • Eric J. Titus
  • Alexandru Vlasin
  • Melody Wachsmuth
  • Mato Zovkić
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