The Reformation: Humanity, Church, Society – St. Petersburg, Russia

On  20-21 April, the III International academic theological conference entitled  «The  Reformation:  Humanity, Church, Society» took place at St.   Petersburg Christian University (SPCU, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation).

The  event  was  initiated  by  the Slavic Research and Research  Center  of  the Euro-Asian Accreditation Association (E-AAA) and   organized   as  part  of  a  larger  program  commemorating  the five-hundredth  anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  

During the conference research results were presented dedicated to the history of the  Reformation  and  Protestantism,  Protestant  theology,  and  the influence of the Reformation legacy on the development of contemporary civilization and culture.  The conference served as a kind of clearing house  for  the exchange of information among academic and theological communities,  the development of international and inter- confessional cooperation,  and  the integration of Christian theology into academic discussions.

More about the conference

Source: Euro-Asian Accreditation Association (E-AAA)

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