Missional Leadership

Missional Leadership in a Changing Europe – Budapest, Hungary

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Darrell Guder

Date: 26th November 2010

Place: Faculty of Divinity of the Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Budapest IX., Ráday street 28, 2nd floor

The public lecture is open to all interested in academia and Church!

Darrell Guder is Princeton Theological Seminary’s Henry Winters Luce Professor of Missional and Ecumenical Theology. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Hamburg. As an ordained Presbyterian minister, he served as a student outreach pastor and as a faculty member of the Karlshohe College in the German Lutheran Church. His writing and teaching focus on the theology of the missional church, especially the theological implications of the paradigm shift to post-Christendom as the context for Christian mission in the West.

Major publications

  • Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America. Edited by Craig van Gelder.Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1998. The Gospel and Our Culture Series
  • “Walking Worthily: Missional Leadership after Christendom.” In: Princeton Theological Seminary Bulletin XXVIII, no. 3. (2007)
  • The Continuing Conversion of the Church. Edited by Craig van Gelder. Grand Rapids, MI: William B.Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2000. The Gospel and Our Culture Series
  • Be My Witnesses: The Church’s Mission, Message, and Messengers. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans,1983.

See more at: www3.ptsem.edu


CEEAMS received a small grant from Kerk in Aktie (The Netherlands) for organizing this event.

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