The Central and Eastern European  Association for Mission Studies invites theologians, missiologists, reflective  practitioners and other professionals to its annual conference titled:  Spirituality matters! Insights in the spiritual dimension of mission theologies  and grassroots missionary practice in Central and Eastern Europe, to be held  between 19-22 February 2019 at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek,  Croatia.

In a growing awareness about the close  relation between mission and spirituality, crucial for a deeper understanding  of mission for Christianity worldwide, the present Call for Papers intends to  enrich the conversations on the topic with perspectives and insights from  Central and Eastern Europe.

Spirituality defines the why, how, when, the  with whom and the where of all missionary and missiological practice (thinking,  doing, reflecting). It is through this thesis that we issue this Call for Papers.  Spirituality is at the centre of Christian faith, as it relates to experiencing  God in human life. Although this term is defined differently in different  times, faith traditions and cultural settings, spirituality cannot be looked at  without paying close attention to social construction and inter-relational  processes. Spirituality has much to do with community formation, connecting the  individual with their public, political, and social engagement in larger  societal processes. One of the most tangible ways of looking at different forms  of spirituality in the societies of CEE is by observing how public spaces have  been  redesigned: e.g. the architecture and construction of shopping malls,  churches, and other buildings.

While ever present in theological history,  spirituality in its contemporary large-scale usage became part of everyday  conversations not necessarily linked to any Christian tradition. In Central and  Eastern Europe an intensive diversification about reflecting, speaking and  acting on spirituality has taken place during the last thirty years and so, due  the several factors, such as:

  •     The flooding into CEE after the political  changes of 1989/90 by Christian missionaries from all over the world and from a  large spectrum of faith traditions.
  •     The commercialisation of religion that became  visible in the publishing of books, and the widespread offering of courses, and  training programs under the heading of “spirituality”.
  •     The growing influence of social media in  people´s life and the digitalization of spirituality.
  •     A revival of the interest in spiritual  formation within different Christian traditions.
  •     A revival of ethnic/national mythologies  with explicit ideas on spirituality.


In the midst of this diverse interpretation  of spirituality, this Call for Papers invites contributions to reflect on what  spirituality means for Christian communities, churches, mission organizations,  missionaries, theologians, theological educators working in and related to different contexts in Central and Eastern Europe.

We invite contributions which take into  consideration but are not limited by the following questions:

  •     What is spirituality when it comes to  missionary/Christian presence and missionary practice in CEE?
  •     What motivates and sustains us in mission?
  •     What are the implications of spirituality  for academic theology/missiology?
  •     How do mission and spirituality relate in  terms of ministerial/theological formation?
  •     To what extent does spirituality create  autobiographical mission theologies?
  •     What is the role of Christian spirituality  when addressing current issues in society?
  •     To what extent can spirituality influence a  peaceful living together and healing of memories in CEE?
  •     To what extent are there links between a  particular kind of spirituality, nationalism and xenophobia?
  •     What kind of spirituality leads towards  cross-cultural ministry or hinders it?
  •     What are spiritual practices (liturgical,  ritual, cultural) in a particular area of ministry?
  •     What is the role of spirituality in further  developing mission studies in CEE?
  •     To what extent is spirituality explicitly lived  out, when it comes to the responsibility of local churches in witnessing Christ  in the larger society?
  •     What is the role of spirituality in  cross-generational ministries?
  •     What is the meaning of spirituality in  ecumenical encounters in CEE?


To submit a paper proposal, please send an abstract of no more than 300  words to  by 25th of November 2018. Abstracts should provide a brief  description of the work, clearly outlining the theoretical perspectives and  methodology to be applied in the paper.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 8th of December  2018.

Selected papers may be elected for publication in ACTA MISSIOLOGIAE, the  journal of the Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies.

Conference papers should be restricted to 20 minutes of presentation  time.

Dates of the  conference:

Arrivals: Tuesday 19th February 2019, the conference starts  with supper.
Departures: Friday 22rd February 2019, the conference ends  with breakfast.

Transfer to Osijek

In case you travel by plane, we kindly request  that participants plan their arrivals at Budapest Airport on Tuesday 19th  February 2019 by 14.00 at the latest, so that we can organize transfer to  Osijek at a reduced price (max. 35 Euro one way), by car-pooling or by shuttle. Unfortunately, there is no direct  Flixbus available on this day from Budapest.
Information on transfers from Belgrade (by bus)  or from Zagreb (by bus or train) can be found on our website.

Departure 22nd February after  breakfast. Plan your departure from Budapest Airport after  15.30 to be able to make use the Flixbus service from Osijek (about 15 euro one  way, see
Conference Venue:


Evangelical Theological Seminary
Cvjetkova 32, PO Box 370, Osijek, Croatia, HR-31103
Tel: 385-31-494-200 // Fax: 385-31-494-201 // Email:


Language of the  conference: English

Registration fee: EUR 35

Registration deadline: 1 February  2019


Accommodation in single room, meals, and coffee break drinks and snacks:  EUR 200

Accommodation in shared (two persons) bedroom, meals, and coffee break  drinks and snacks:  EUR 135


    1. For Conference Costs
    Participants, especially those whose abstract will be accepted, may  apply for partial coverage of the conference costs (in shared rooms). We request all scholarship  participants a EUR 25 own contribution for food and accommodation. Only in  exceptional cases full scholarships for conference costs are available.

    2. For Travel
    Travel expenses cannot be reimbursed, but exceptions to the rule will be  considered. In case you request a scholarship for travel, you need to indicate  the requested amount at registration, with an explanation. Only travel costs  that are approved beforehand, will be reimbursed.

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