ACTA MISSIOLOGIAE is an interdenominational, peer-reviewed, missiological journal with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Intentionally inter-confessional, it seeks to balance Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Mainline Protestant, and Evangelical-Charismatic perspectives.
Acta Missiologiae seeks to address academic as well as practical issues. The journal assists missiologists, church leaders, and reflective practitioners to keep current in their missiological thinking through articles, book reviews and can serve as a resource for those teaching missiology.
Acta Missiologiae exists to provide a meeting place for reflection on missiological issues and mission practice in Central and Eastern Europe.

Frequency of publication

Acta Missiologiae is published once a year by the Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies (CEEAMS).


Authors should submit their manuscript at
The submissions should be done in Word format.


With the exceptions of conference proceedings, ACTA uses a double-blind peer review system, which means that manuscript authors do not know who the reviewers are, and that reviewers do not know the names of the author(s). In order to safeguard this procedure, authors are asked to avoid any information in the text of their articles which could reveal their identity.
For any questions relating to the manuscript please contact the editor at:

Submission requirements

ACTA accepts unsolicited manuscripts, and encourages mission scholars engaged in issues emerging from, relevant for and related to Central and Eastern Europe to submit articles. Manuscripts may be edited as necessary. Unaccepted manuscripts will not be returned.


Manuscripts can be submitted in English. Spelling should be consistent throughout.


Manuscripts should contain 6,000-10,000 words, typed double spaced. Book reviews are from 500-1000 words.

Manuscript structure

Title, Name of the author, affiliation, email address and a short (max five lines) biographical note Abstract and Keywords: 100-150 words followed by upt to seven keywords. Headings should be used to break up the text in sections and subsections if necessary.


ACTA uses footnotes, not endnotes.


ACTA follows the internationally recognised author-date Chicago style: Acta Missiologiae follows the internationally recognized “Anthropological Style”, e.g. as followed by Mission Studies.

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