About ODC Year-Round: 

The Osijek Doctoral Colloquium Year-Round Program was created to serve as a continuing support system for participants in our summer and winter intensives as well as others seeking advice and encouragement in their doctoral journey.

Students in the fall and spring quarters are assigned to cohorts based on their region or research topics. These small groups meet online monthly (or more often, if the group desires) and are supported by assigned mentors, who are also available for one-on-one sessions.

Each month also features a special webinar with presentations by recent doctoral graduates.

Please do not hesitate to write to our program coordinator, Taylor Denyer (taylor.denyer@ceeams.org), with any questions.

For details regarding the registration process for the upcoming quarter, see below.

Registration Fee for Fall Quarter:

Non-refundable registration fee of EUR 25. (please add name participant+ODCFall2021).


Payment can be made before (bank transfer, with name participant + ODCFall2021).

Only in exceptional cases will a 100% scholarship will be granted. To apply for a scholarship, write to ODC Program Coordinator, Taylor Denyer <taylor.denyer@ceeams.org>

CEEAMS Bank account:

in name of:  Közép és Kelet-Európai Missziói Tanulmányi Egyesület

Central and European Association for Mission Studies

Account number:  IBAN: HU79 1202 0407 0175 8448 0010 0004


Bank name: RAIFFEISEN BANK ZRT., Váci ut 116-118, H-1700 Budapest