Please read the following information carefully. Communication is an important component of your arrival at Osijek. We will do everything possible to facilitate your time here as you communicate your questions, needs, and information to us.

When you are admitted, you will receive an official invitation letter to be used in obtaining your visa. When you plan to travel through Budapest, you’ll need a double entry Schengen visa. Let us know at which consulate or embassy you plan to hand in your visa application, so that we can contact the respective officers in time. Do allow for this procedure at least two months!

The Osijek Doctoral Colloquium will be taking place in the Winter, from 18 January – 1 February 2020. Each doctoral participant is expected to spend 6-8 hours per day in the study of their selected topic. In addition to your directed study with a mentor, there will be daily group meetings each morning.

You should be prepared to present not only your research topic, but also a 30-minute personal testimony and outline of your ministry at home. These brief presentations will encourage us to pray for each other.

We plan to have different events together too, such as an opening and/or closing dinner which may be a wonderful opportunity for you to present music, dance, poetry, or stories from your home culture as part of the entertainment.

Again, please do not hesitate to communicate with us as you have questions.

Fees and Costs


The costs of the ODC are a non-refundable registration fee of EUR 50. Participants also have to cover the costs related to obtaining their visas, and their own travel. Exceptions do apply.

In the application form you can apply for up to 90% of the program costs. As the costs per person per week are more than 500 euro, we expect each participant to contribute to 10% of the costs of accommodation and food, thus an amount of 50 euro per person per week. Only in exceptional cases a 100% scholarship will be granted.

Pay registration fee for ODC 2020 Winter:

Name of the participant

The Osijek Doctoral Colloquium Scholarship covers only accommodation in shared (two-persons) bedroom, including meals, and coffee break drinks and snack for the duration of the 2-5-week program. It does not include visa or health insurance costs for the duration of the program as well as travel costs wich are expected to be covered by the participant fully – exceptions do apply. Also, it does not cover personal expenses such as telephone calls, laundry costs, and personal items while at Osijek and personal expenses incurred prior to departure for Osijek. It does not cover the cost of shipping personal items home that you have acquired during your time at Osijek. Spouses cannot be accommodated by the ODC participant unless the spouse has also applied and been accepted to the program. The program does not accept children.

For more information and questions contact:

Julijana Tesija, ODC Program coordinator.