Spirituality Matters!

Insights in the Spiritual Dimension of Mission Theologies and Grassroots Missionary Practice in Central and Eastern Europe

The Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies is pleased to invite theologians, missiologists, reflective practitioners and other professionals to its annual conference titled: Spirituality matters! Insights in the spiritual dimension of mission theologies and grassroots missionary practice in Central and Eastern Europe, to be held between 19-22 February 2019 at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia.

In a growing awareness about the close relation between mission and spirituality, crucial for a deeper understanding of mission for Christianity worldwide, the Conference intends to enrich the conversations on the topic with perspectives and insights from Central and Eastern Europe, and address the following questions: What is spirituality when it comes to missionary/Christian presence and missionary practice in CEE? What motivates and sustains us in mission? What are the implications of spirituality for academic theology/missiology? What is the role of Christian spirituality when addressing current issues in society? What kind of spirituality leads towards cross-cultural ministry or hinders it? What are spiritual practices (liturgical, ritual, cultural) in a particular area of ministry? To what extent is spirituality explicitly lived out, when it comes to the responsibility of local churches in witnessing Christ in the larger society? and many more.

Registration deadline: 1 February  2019

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